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What Brings You Here Today?
  • Are you fighting more with your spouse?
  • Maybe you don't fight, maybe you just don't feel close?
  • Is the communication just not there anymore?
  • Do you feel depressed or anxious in this relationship because you don't know if there's a future?
  • Do you feel stuck in a loveless marriage?
  • Maybe trust has been violated?
  • If you don't do something soon could you end up separated or divorced?
  • Do you know or suspect there's been an affair?
  • Have they told you they don't love you anymore?
  • Do you feel like roommates?
  • Have you been arguing in front of the kids and you just don't like how it's going?

"We couldn't have done it without Brad. We were on our way to separation.  I had even moved out but something made us give it one more shot.  We didn't want any regrets.  We are glad that we didn't give up before coming to Marriage Solutions.  Now I can be apart of my child's life.  They can know daddy didn't give up."  

"The program that Brad & Morgan has developed saved our marriage.  We were not sure if it was going to work but we are so glad we have it a try.  Now we can communicate again.  I feel closer to my spouse that I ever thought possible."

"Our counselor was a wonderful help.  We felt lost in how to feel close again once the youngest left for college.  It was like we had to rediscover each other again.  I still remember the moment he looked at me and was able to tell me just how he felt.  That was incredible since he never talked about his emotion.  It was such a breath of fresh air.  I feel like we did when we first started dating!"

How do we know if this will work for us?
We only work with a select client simply because we want to maintain our high success rate.  If we are not the right fit for you then we will make sure to give you references for someone who is the right fit.  We find most couples come to us struggling with communication, trust, and intimacy.  If you have an issue outside of these three then feel free to call 918-281-6060 and ask any questions you may have about how we'd help in your situation.
How long does it take to see results?
We find that our clients see a difference very early on.  With that said it is important to know that it takes time.  Years of hurt and struggle cannot be wiped out in a 2 hour session.  We know that 75-80% of the couples need about 15-20 hours.  Some need less and some need more.  It depends on a number of factors like how you respond to treatment and openness to the process.  It takes the therapist about 3 hours to get a full picture of your relationship.  From there we have a good idea of how long it will take you.
Who comes to counseling?
Normal couples struggle with conflict and everyone needs a little help sometimes.  Great couples get caught in negative cycles.  We see couples at every stage in their relationship.  Whether you are thinking about committing to each other, you've been married for 20+ years, or you've already divorced each other and are thinking about trying to heal and maybe remarry each other.  We've seen it all.  Even if there's been 10 different affairs and you don't know if they love you anymore, we can help. 
What if my spouse doesn't want to come?
If your partner doesn't want to come to counseling for whatever reason it is okay to come by yourself for a short time.  To be most successful in couples counseling both people need to come.  Even if they are physically present but lack all desire...the desire will grow over time.  The fact that they are in the room means A LOT!  But if after asking them to come they say no, many people find it helpful to set the appointment, tell them when it is, invite them to come and you'll be there.  If they show up, great.  If not, we can still help you.
What You Get:
  • Expert Care: All we do is couples counseling.  A medical doctor gets a medical degree and license very much like counselors get a degree and license.  But medical doctors have checks and balances in order to be cardiologists.  Counselors do not have these requirements.  This means 75% of counselors say they do couples therapy, but only 17% have any specialized training in couples therapy.  
  • Proven Track Record: We have a very high success rate and have successfully helped hundreds of couples heal and strengthen their relationship.  We are the best reviewed couples therapist in our state for a reason.
  • A Team of Therapists: We aren't just some guy out there practicing on their own.  We have checks and balances to make sure everyone here is providing the very best care.
  • Peace of Mind: You can rest assured that we have the experience necessary to help your relationship.  We have travelled high and low to make sure what we provide is the best, most researched, up to date, and proven methods available for couples therapy.
  • Tools for Success:  In addition to one-on-one individualized care you will have resources for the time that you are not with us to make sure you make the most of your investment with us.
What if it doesn't work?
But what if it does!!?  If you come and you both try then it will work.  You will feel closer emotionally and you'll learn skills that will help you save your family.  If you do your part, we will do our part.  Of course if you don't like us, you don't have to come back.  Most people do really like us.  We just require that you pay us for the time you have done and then we can part ways at that.  
What does the schedule look like?
Good news is we do everything we can to see you ASAP.  Everyone is a VIP client here.  After you complete the Orientation you will be able to fully access the client calendar.  To set your first appointment we require a deposit of half.  But you will be able to choose from various times on the calendar.  We get started at 9AM and Brad finishes at 7PM, Daniel finished at 8PM M-F.  We offer Jump Start Retreats on Saturdays where you can spend a day with the therapist 1-on-1.
Do you offer Saturday appointments?
We offer Jump Start Retreats on Saturdays by appointment.  They are single couple full day retreats.  They are helpful for clients who live a distance, and if you cannot come during the week and would like to get really far in a short amount of time you can request a Jump Start Retreat by calling 918-281-6060.  
How much does it cost?
We are competitively priced based on what we offer.  Overall you save a lot of money and time and the return on your investment with us is much greater than the average therapist.  There is an hourly rate.  It varies based on the therapist.  We offer discount packages and 6 month no interest financing through Paypal.  You will learn all about that in the new client orientation.
Our Story:
My husband Brad knew he wanted to help families at a very early age.  He didn't want anyone to suffer divorce and the residual affects of divorce like his family did growing up.  So he started out going to school to be a pastor and received his degree in Pastoral Ministries.  From there he decided to get his degree in Marriage & Family Therapy.  

Then he met me, Morgan, who also had a passion for helping people thrive.  Together we helped a friend plant a church.  It was at that point we both realized that church planting and pastoring was not what our future had in store.  

We decided to start an agency that would help families in rural Oklahoma called Family & Life Solutions. We hired therapists to counsel kids in schools and in homes.  But it was clear that our real passion was for couples.

Brad & I opened Marriage Solutions and decided to focus exclusively on helping couples because it was clear that the need was there for really good couples therapy.  Very few therapists were equipped with the knowledge, experience, and training necessary to help couples effectively.  
It has been our mission to educate the public on finding the right help so precious resources are not wasted. Very few people realize that not every couples therapist is able to help even if they have a doctorate degree. A medical doctor gets a medical degree and license very much like counselors get a degree and license. But medical doctors have checks and balances in order to be cardiologists. Counselors do not have these requirements. This means that 75% of counselors say they do couples therapy, but only 17% have any specialized training in couples therapy. 

We were appalled by how many couples came to us after seeing 2-3 other counselors for help. It was from there that we decided Marriage Solutions would become the first group private practice to focus exclusively on helping couples & individuals with relationship issues. Since that time there has been no other practice of its kind in Oklahoma.

We devote much of our time to training and research and have travelled the country studying with the best couples therapists in the U.S. and Canada. Marriage Solutions now has the best reviewed couples therapists in the state of Oklahoma. We've served couples and individuals from around the world even as far away as South Korea and London.

Daniel Hoffman, LPC joined the Marriage Solutions team in 2013 and ever since we have only gotten better. Marriage Solutions is dedicated to excellence and refuses to compromise when it comes to the success of the couples we serve.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Just like you can't get your time back, neither can we.  We sell our time so you can gain future time with your family that isn't full of arguing and pain. So there is no money back guarantee.  But there is a guarantee that we are relationship experts fully committed to helping you save your relationship and family from divorce.  We also won't waste your time, because that is the only thing you can't get back.  You will get paid again, so money replenishes, but time does not.
Do you ever suggest divorce or separation?
No.  The only time we recommend separation is if your life is in danger.  We know that some couples will choose that route and we will be fully honest with you about your situation.  But we assume if you are coming to us you are wanting to at least explore the possibility of staying together.  You want us to help you save your relationship, not destroy it.  We are here to heal you not hurt you.  Many pastors refer to us because we are marriage friendly.
Hear From A Few Clients
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